• Who we are

    Base Camp Beef Company is a Muckleroy family adventure that began as a homeschool entrepreneurial project.

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  • How it works

    • Find friends and family to share with
    • Choose the amount of beef you want to order (25, 50, 100, or 200 lbs)
    • Secure your order with a deposit (Note: the price you pay right now is only the deposit)
    • Once your steer is ready to go to the USDA processor, we will email you an invoice for your balance.
    • We ship your beef straight to your door frozen in insulated packaging with plenty of dry-ice (or, depending on where you live, we could arrange a meet-up or pick-up, saving you the cost of shipping)
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  • So good!

    “It's how beef used to taste.” – John S.

  • Feels great knowing where my food comes from.

    "Whenever I can, I prefer to buy from people I know. And I love that I can see how these cows are raised!” – Jane K.

  • It arrived at my door frozen solid as a rock!

    “We live far, but even after 3 days in transit, I couldn't believe how frozen the packaging kept our beef.” – Anne L.

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