The Base Camp Story

There are so many people who, like us, are constantly seeking to slow down and live more intentionally. 

A dream come true and an epic adventure...

A couple of years ago, I (Gene) began noticing how much I was missing having our whole family gathered around the table for family dinner.
Sure, we were super busy. Still are.
There was so much in the way. Busy days. Activity filled evenings. The desire for a little “easy.”
But I was missing the regular connection with the ones I love the most. I was missing the laughter. The stories. Hearing about everyone’s day. And their hopes for the days to come. I missed the lingering, and the spontaneous games of ruckus.
At the same time, I began dreaming about a multi-generational family beef company. What better educational opportunity could there be for our 3 high school kids than learning how to launch a business?
So we decided to go for it!
In the process of finding the right cattle, we found something even better, a partner near Kingsville, TX who was raising the perfect genetics for south/central Texas grass-finished beef… such a blessing!
Our desire is that through our grass-finished beef packages, families would not only experience healthy, clean, local (know where it came from, how it was produced, processed… everything from the pasture to the table) responsibly raised, come back for more-tasty nutrition, but that they (and we) would experience the life-changing connection that family dinner can offer.
We want to inspire people to live their journeys and embrace their moments as they discover their own paths and push their own boundaries, whatever they may be.
Beef raised responsibly for meaningful moments and epic journeys.

Our Ethos.

Living the journey and embracing the moments with the people we call family is at the heart of who we are and helping others do the same is our mission. We have found that connection, plus the planning, fueling, and celebration of our adventures happens best around the dinner table.

Family Dinner is our Base Camp. Beef is our fare.

Our Values.

Honest. Simple. Natural. Authentic.

Our Team.

We are a multi-generational family grass-fed beef company. 
Will: co-founder, 17 and on his way to becoming a great photographer and filmmaker.
Ben: co-founder, 16 and is about making things work, whether that’s cars or pickups or ensuring deliveries arrive on time, frozen solid, and delightfully packaged. 
Sadie: co-founder, 14 and on her way to becoming a large animal veterinarian.
Gene: co-founder, homeschool dad, missionary serving in San Antonio.

Our Giving Pledge.

We believe that pursuing the life of our choosing is a privilege and we are grateful. This is our country, our communities, our people. Many don’t have enough to eat. We want to help change that. So we made the decision at the very beginning to give a pound of Base Camp beef to a local family experiencing food insecurity. 
San Antonio, TX