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1/8 Share (50 lb Variety) - $335 Deposit

1/8 Share (50 lb Variety) - $335 Deposit

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Secure your order with a $335 deposit today.

We will send you an invoice for the balance ($450) once your steer is ready for processing in late May or early June 2024.

Total amount: $785 (includes shipping)

Base Camp beef comes from  cattle that flourish and finish on natural South Texas pastures - no chemicals, no growth hormones, no prescriptive antibiotics, no feed lots. Just good, honest, clean, natural USDA inspected beef.

Included: 50 lbs of grass-fed beef

Steaks, roasts, and 26-30 one pound packages of ground beef

      Freezer space needed: About 2 cubic feet of freezer space is needed for each 1/8 beef share (50 lbs). Note: most kitchen refrigerator/freezers have about 7 cubic feet of freezer space. This package will easily fit into your kitchen freezer.

      Shipping: Your package will be shipped with thoughtful care in insulated boxes and plenty of dry ice to ensure that your beef arrives at your door frozen. 

      Packaging: Each cut is individually sealed and labeled. 

      Guarantee: You can buy with total confidence... if you aren't 100% satisfied, we'll refund your money, period.

      "I gave a package of the hamburger and the tenderloin steak to my mother. She has eaten grass fed beef for years. For supper, she cooked the steak rare. Her first response was: omg it's the best! I then asked for some detail. She said it was tender and the flavor was wonderful." - Steven

      Note: cuts of equal or greater value may be substituted. 

      Questions? Call Gene at 817.565.9660

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