Base Camp Beef Company is "Under Construction"

Base Camp Beef Company is "Under Construction"

... or more specifically, Base Camp Headquarters is under construction.

Since transitioning to San Antonio in 2018 with our mission organization (Cru), we have been looking for just the right place to settle. We have moved a good bit over the years, and being explorers and pioneers, we have loved it!

We have a natural urge to explore - the constant journey to discover what's over the next rise or around the next bend. 

At the same time, we crave roots - the utterly familiar where we rest, recover, dream, and plan...

We are scheduled to begin construction on our home on a piece of land outside of Pleasanton, TX within the next couple of weeks. Here is where our family will settle. 

A place where we ... and our kids (and perhaps grandkids and great grandkids) can raise and finish Base Camp grass fed beef cattle, hunt, fish, build forts... 

A place to launch from... and come back to. 

A place where expeditions begin and end

A place called Base Camp Headquarters...

We will be sharing our journey here. If you would like to follow more closely by having our stories and progress delivered straight to your email inbox, make sure you have joined the Base Camp Dispatch.

Note: While our attention and capacity is focused on creating Base Camp HQ, the cattle from which Base Camp Beef comes continues to develop, and we look forward to being able to share natural, healthy, purely grass-fed/finished beef with you straight from South Texas ... everything you want, nothing you don't.

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