There is Risk in Chasing Dreams

There is Risk in Chasing Dreams

There are a bunch of things that could go wrong with our Base Camp HQ project. 

We could fail to complete the house. 

Costs could go up so much that we go broke.

Or, we actually complete the house but then not be able to afford the mortgage payments.

Snakes bite the kids.

We don't make friends in Pleasanton.

We can't agree on a paint color. 

We loose relationships we have now.

    There is risk in chasing dreams.

    I believe the pioneers who settled in Texas hundreds of years ago understood that risk. They paid for it too. Yet there was something that drove them on. Something that made them leave the security of the known for the unknown. 

    There is risk in going out for the baseball team.

    There is risk in asking the girl for a date.

    There is risk in picking a college and major.

    There is risk in choosing a career.

    There is risk in becoming a parent.

    There is risk in adopting kids.


    I cannot count the memories of my baseball days. Oh how I loved the leather, the dirt, the grass,  the heartbreak of loosing, or the indescribable thrill of winning.

    If I wouldn't have called Heather... she is without a doubt the very best thing in all of my life...

    The relationships and experiences during my college days were instrumental.

    I absolutely love the work I get to do everyday. Working with Cru has been life changing. 

    Will graduated from High School last week. I have no words... 

    I love all of our kids and am so proud of them. Without having adopted, my life would not be complete. Period.

    There is risk in building BCHQ...

    The things listed above could happen. 

    But then again...

    We could finish construction sooner than expected for less money.

    The kids could hunt doves, raise livestock, and forget their phones.

    We could make new friends while deepening our relationships with the ones we have now.

    Base Camp HQ could become a place where roots are planted and dreams are launched.

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